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Your Online Course is Not a Ph.D. Program

Your job as the course creator is NOT to turn your student into the expert.

You are the expert.

Your job is to help them achieve results without them needing to become the expert.

If your students wanted to become the expert, they would go earn a Ph.D. (or the school-of-life equivalent) where they could spend years on their own learning and testing and earning their stripes.

They don’t want that.
Here is what your student really wants:

They want to know enough of what you know to achieve the results you achieved without having to spend all the time learning what you know (and making all the errors that came along with your time learning).

My virtual summit students do not want to become nor be perceived as virtual summit experts. That is not why they are taking my course.

What they want is to host a virtual summit so that they can grow their email list, partner with influencers, and earn revenue.

If they already had those results, they wouldn’t take my course just for personal enrichment. They’re coming in with a goal in mind they want to achieve.

When you understand this, you realize that your students do not want a 30-hour video course (aka dissertation) about the theory of your course topic.

They want to skip the class and jump straight to getting their diploma.

They want to skip the climb up the mountain and just take a picture at the peak.

They want to skip the years of learning and just get the result.

And you know what? They can!

Because your course isn’t a Ph.D. program, they didn’t join so they could get a credential behind their name, and they don’t have to pass some tests to prove their expertise before they can apply their knowledge in the real world.

They came with a goal in mind, and they just want to get there ASAP.

And that’s your job as the course creator: to get them there.

You may not be able to do it all for them, but you can get them 90% of the way.

You can provide the ski lift up the mountain.

You can help them skip the years of learning and mistakes.

That’s what they want!

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