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If It Doesn’t Work For You, It will Never Work For You

If it doesn’t work for you, it’ll never work for you

No, I’m not having a stroke, I swear!

Allow me to explain:

I hate recording on-camera video. Really, I do.

I hate taking 1.5 hours to do my hair and makeup. I hate boiling under my hot lights. I hate doing 23482948 takes to get it right because I’m a perfectionist. I hate editing. I hate the audio leveling. I hate waiting for it to render.

Video is not something I really enjoy. I find it time-consuming, and…

(this is key!)

…it doesn’t suit my lifestyle very well.

I’m a frequent traveler. I can’t drag my studio around with me. I’m not bringing all my professional outfits along either.

Now, I know a lot of this is due to the polished look that my brand has and my own perfectionism.

(And before you jump all over me, yes, I know outsourcing is an option, but that’s not the point of this post.)

My point is:

Doing daily on-camera video content would literally never work FOR ME.

I would fail before I even began.

Yet, depending on who you listen to, it’s like I have no other option! How could I NOT be doing on-camera video content every day?

But here I am, showing up in this blog every day with useful old fashioned written posts – and getting tons of clients from it!

Writing is my jam. I have one of the best blogs out there, if I do say so myself. I can pump out a high-quality 60-page ebook in 1 night. My posts get tons of engagement.

When it comes to content creation, I know what works for me, and that’s why it works for me.

I know what works for me, and that’s why it produces results for me.

Because I go all-in on the thing I’m best suited for, which I love doing, and which I can actually commit to doing well on a regular basis, it’s producing results for me.

Replace “on-camera video recording” in this post with whatever it is that doesn’t work FOR YOU.

(And please also recognize that this applies to tons of things outside of content creation as well.)

Instead of fighting it, and trying to do something that just isn’t jiving with your workflows, realize that it is better to go all-in on what does work for you.

  1. There are some things everybody should be doing, even if you don’t like it – you just need to learn to incorporate them into your business strategically. I still do on-camera video recordings for my funnel pages where they are a necessity. I still record videos for my courses, just using slides and screen share tutorials, so I don’t have to be on screen. I do videos for my annual summit, where I can leverage speaker interview content to make the whole video-producing process more comfortable and achieve substantially greater results from it all.
  2. You have to commit to doing the thing that works for you as best as you can to really stand out – and – you need to apply it to the right place — producing daily but low-quality, non-SEO optimized blog content because you dislike video? Nah. Producing super high-quality, topic-relevant posts for a big community of your ideal audience? Yeah.

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