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How I Develop Content Ideas

Since I started posting regular content in this blog, readers have been asking me how I generate my ideas for posts.

I’d like to share some tips on that.

This post will only cover idea generation. How to write great content will be covered another time!

#1: Document Your Process

Every time you learn or figure out how to do something in your business, document your process and share it. When I wanted to land a TEDx talk, I did some initial research online, figured some things out along the way, got the gig, then wrote a blog post about how I did it.

When I wanted to host a summit, I did some research, figured out how to go about it, did it, then write content about how I did it.

Do. Document. Share.

Bonus: Publish your SOPs (standard operating procedures). Do something in your business every day, and have a documented process to follow each time so you don’t forget? Share it.

#2: Compile Answers to Your Own Questions

Every question you have now that you seek out an answer to is something your clients eventually will need to learn, too. So find your answers, then put them in one place.

Some of the content I’ve been sharing recently I wrote years ago when I was getting my own questions answered.

Bonus: We all create lists, and people love seeing our lists. You googled ‘social media post ideas’ today? Then wrote a list of 100 of them in your phone for your own use? Make that list public in a blog post.

#3: Answer Your Audience’s FAQs

Instead of getting annoyed that everyone seems to ask the same question again and again, write content which answers it. This is the content they are obviously craving.

A lot of the blog posts I created early on were simply because the same questions kept coming up in coaching sessions (since I have my target client really dialed in!), and I wanted the answer written down in a post so I could just send them the link and say, “here, read this.”

#4: Dig Deep to a Granular Level.

Take your one general content idea, and create a mind map where that idea is the main ‘node’, and see how many levels down or deep into that topic you can go. For example: Sales funnels > landing pages > lead magnets > types of lead magnets > worksheets >> “How to Create a PDF with Fillable Fields”

Bonus: Assume no one knows anything. So many people hold back from sharing valuable content because they think it’s just so basic or even obvious to others. I guarantee you, it’s not.

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