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Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly

Huh? Isn’t that typically “any job worth doing is worth doing right?” or well? Or properly? Or with your best effort?

Your time is valuable, so I’ll just skip to the point:

I’m a happy, content person. But like many, I’ve experienced depression. I’m not going to go into all that.

When you’re depressed, there are days you can’t even get out of bed to feed yourself.

One of the things I learned during these times was that anything I could do for myself was better than nothing.

  • It was better to eat a handful of Ritz Bitz than not eat at all because I couldn’t prepare a healthy meal.
  • It was better to take a swig of mouthwash if I couldn’t brush my teeth for 3 minutes.
  • It was better just to change my clothes if I couldn’t manage a shower.

These are jobs that were worth doing, even if I only could do them halfway – even if I wanted to do more but couldn’t – because they kept me alive.

As far as applying this to our businesses:

I think some might say “this is just the same thing as ‘done is better than perfect’.”

And that’s kind of true.

But I feel like this lesson goes deeper than that.

It’s not just about doing a job 90% of the way and saying “that’s good enough to launch” so you can keep on pace with your content calendar.

I feel like in that scenario you’ve got all the energy, and you’d give 100% if you had the time – but you learn to live with less so you can keep growing.

What I’m talking about is when you know from the start you’re not going to finish, and it’s not going to be good.

But it’s worth doing.

That book is worth writing, even if it’s going to be poorly written. That sales funnel is worth building yourself, even if it’s going to look shabby.

Because it’s better to do it than not doing it at all.

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