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5 ClickFunnels Add-On Tools You Can Apply to Supercharge Your Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels is already amazing, but these tools can make your sales funnels even more amazing!

**I am not associated with any of these companies!**
  1. Deadline Funnel – Add a fast action timer to your sales or order form pages that gives people a limited-time window to purchase and then locks them out of the offer if they don’t buy, therefore creating real authentic urgency and scarcity
  2. CF Pro Tools – A collection of incredible codes you can add to your sales funnels that make them do amazing things that will increase your conversions
  3. Drift – Add a chat bubble to your pages which allows visitors to text with you in real-time (or they can leave a message if your status is set to ‘away’)
  4. Stunning – Recover failed payments in Stripe. Essential if you’re running a recurring membership subscription or offer payment plans.
  5. Bonus: See also Recurly, Gravy, and Chargebee
  6. Proof – Add social proof pop-ups to the bottom of your pages to show who has been opting in or buy your stuff lately. CF already has this feature (called “Digital Table Rush”) on their order form pages, but not their opt-in pages.
  7. Bonus: See also Morevago, Provely, Fomo, and ProveSource

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