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20+ Unique Ways to Repurpose Your Content – Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

We all know to turn that blog post into a video, but what other ways are there of repurposing your content that you may not have considered before?

Here are more than twenty digital marketing methods :

1. Blog Post → Other Platform Posts

Share your entire, long-form blog post on other platforms like FB, LinkedIn. (It’s what I do in this group!) But beware that some platforms which are also considered true blogging platforms, like Medium, could have a negative effect on your website’s SEO, so in that case, change it up enough so that it’s considered different content.

2. Blog Posts → Ebook

Compile your best posts into an ebook. People will pay for content that’s compiled conveniently! Or, if you don’t want to charge them, then make it a lead magnet.

3. Blog Posts → Email Sequence

Don’t just send your subscribers an email that says ‘go read my latest post’. Use the post itself to create the email content. Put it right in front of their eyes when they open your messages.

4. Blog Posts → Forum Answers (Quora, Reddit)

Take your content to the places where people are searching for answers.

5. Ebook → Audiobook

Audiobooks are the fastest growing online type of ‘book’ sales on marketplaces like Amazon! Check out acx.com for this.

6. Keynote Slides → SlideShare

Had to create slides for a presentation? Post them online to SlideShare.

7. Podcast → YouTube Video

More and more podcasters are getting into the habit of recording the video of their interviews so they can post them to YouTube as well as iTunes. Even if you don’t, you can create a simple visual to use for the video so you can repurpose that content.

Bonus: works vice versa.

8. List Post → Community Challenge

Did you come up with a list post like “25 ways to grow your email list”? Turn it into a challenge for your community they can do every day, via email sequence, videos, etc.

9. Podcast Quotes → Roundup Post

Take quotes from multiple guests on your podcast, and create a round-up blog post. Share it with the original contributors, or tag them when you share the post on social media.

10. Testimonials → Case Studies, Social Media Posts

You can use testimonials for way more than just social proof on your sales page. Work with your student to get a full case study interview. Post their testimonial or share their results to your social media pages.

Bonus: repurpose your own internal data for case studies as well.

11. Your Own SOPs → Lead Magnet Checklists, Posts

Do you have your own procedures you follow in your business (SOP = standard operating procedure) that sharing would help others in your community? Formalize that document into a lead magnet, post, etc. This is actually how I come up with a lot of my content ideas.

12. Podcast Interview → Lead Magnet

Did you do a podcast interview with someone that just came out so next level? Hold it back as a lead magnet people have to opt-in for.

13. Podcast / Video Snippets → Instagram/FB Stories

Share more than just photos in your stories!

14. YouTube Video → Vimeo Video

Have you considered what other video hosting platforms are available you might not be taking full advantage of?

15. YouTube Video → Embedded Video

Are you taking full advantage of your distribution channels for your videos that aren’t video hosting platforms? Are you embedding your videos in your blog posts? Linking to them from emails?

16. Quotes → Quote Pictures (Esp. for Instagram)

Add some motivation to your profile with images featuring quotes from your videos or podcast interviews. Tag the person who said the quote for more visibility!

Bonus: create a whole Pinterest board for these!

17. Presentation Graphic → Infographic

Did you have to create a graphic for your keynote presentation? Maybe a few? Combine them, clean them up a bit, and put it all into one shareable infographic. Canva’s free infographic maker is great for this.

Bonus: this works great even if you didn’t create presentation graphics but still have a lot of statistics you looked up that you want to share. See below.

Bonus: definitely pin this to Pinterest!

18. Statistics → Graphs, Images

If you have statistics from your own internal data or facts, you had to look up for a presentation, etc., share them on social. Creating a graphic or shareable image around that stat will make it even more noticed!

Bonus: create a whole Pinterest board for these!

19. Videos → Gifs / Shorter Videos

Create gifs from videos, or trim them down to create smaller video clips you can share more easily on social media – or even use in paid ads!

Bonus: Add your gifs to Giphy.

20. Client Content → Social Media Content

Who said the content you are repurposing has to be your own? As long as you obtain the original poster’s permission, you can post videos/photos of customers using your products on your social channels.

21. Live Event → Video Content for Everywhere

Are you hosting a live event? You should have the speakers’ presentations recorded AND ‘behind the scenes’ footage taken for all sorts of purposes later: online courses, marketing future events, social media. Are you speaking at an event? Make sure the host provides you the video of your presentation, and make sure you document the experience as well!

22. ‘Old’ Webinar → Video Tutorial

Did a webinar or training for a course or product you don’t offer anymore? Edit out the pitch, and use the training part.

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